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Rules and Regulations


Border Lane Shooting Rules

1 Absolutely no Shooting will take place when farmers, farm equipment, vehicles or persons  are directly north or east of the range. 

2.  Any sign of Border Patrol vehicles or aircraft Shooting must cease.

3. Ranges are for use by members and invited guests only, except for events open to the public.

    Members must have guests read these range rules and sign below, and supervise their guests during shooting.

4. All members and guests sign the range log book when they visit the range.

5. The range is open from one hour after Sunrise to one hour before Sundown, Monday-Friday

5(a) On Sundays and certain stat holidays Shooting may only commence at noon till one hour before sunset.(Stat holidays include Good Friday, Easter Monday, Thanksgiving day, Remembrance day, and Christmas day)

6. PROVE firearms unloaded at a safety area immediately upon arriving at, and prior to departing, the range.

7. Do not handle ammunition in safety areas.

8. Firearms must be transported from a safety area to a firing line in a case or holster - not hand carried.

9. Firearms may only be handled on a firing line or safety area and may only be loaded at the firing line.(unless holster firing down range)

10. Eye and ear protection must be worn on firing lines.

11. Firearms requiring maintenance shall be removed from the firing line to a safety area.

12. When more than one shooter is on a range, appoint a Range Officer (RO). The declared RO is responsible for the safety of the range and gives the commands to “commence fire” and “cease fire”.

13. The range officer shall ensure that all firearms are unloaded during a cease-fire and not handled.

14. Holstered handguns must be unloaded, un-cocked, with any magazine removed, until made ready to fire.(unless firing from down range)

15. Keep handgun muzzles pointed down range, long gun muzzles may point up while the guns are being moved.

16. Keep firearm actions open except when shooting or holstering.

17. Never shoot at target stands, props, cans, bottles, or anything that may cause dangerous debris or bullet ricochets.

18. No horseplay, careless handling of firearms, nor any other distraction while shooting is in progress.

19. No person impaired by alcohol or drugs may handle firearms.

20.Upon entering the site, members must raise red flag at gate and sign into log book. As well as lower flag and lock gate if you are last to leave               

 21. In case of emergency dial 911



It is the responsibility of each member and guest to ensure that all safety rules and procedures are adhered to at all times while on the range property. Failure to follow any and all range rules may result in Disciplinary measures, suspension of shooting privileges or dismissal from the club/range. Any person who deliberately handles and/or discharges firearms in an unsafe manner shall be removed from the range property immediately. Subsequent violations will result in suspension of range privileges and termination of his/her club/range membership.

Have fun - be safe!


Where To Find Us:

Border Lane Shooting Association

Box 206

Gretna, MB

R0G 0V0


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